Top 10 Augmented and Virtual Reality Games for iPhone and Android

Ever since the release of Pokémon Go a few years ago people cannot get enough of AR/VR games because they are very intuitive and provide realistic and immersive experience. We have assembled all of the best AR and VR games for Android and iOS devices so you can do more gaming and less searching.

  1. Oceanhorn– One of the best virtual reality games for Android because it has popular title features, quality narrative, outstanding visuals and a soundtrack that you cannot stop listening to. If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda you will love this game and best of all, it’s free.
  2. Monster Hunter Stories– This game made our list of best AR/VR games because the graphics are off the charts and it will keep you tuned in for hours without getting old. Even though it costs $20, it is well worth the money, considering that there are no in-app purchases. This game was previously available on console only, but the app version is just as fun.
  3. Dragon Ball Legends — If you are a fan of 90’s games, this is definitely one of the best AR games for you. Dragon Ball Z has experienced quite a resurgence over the past couple of years and deservingly so. This game provides a lot of fun as you travel through various levels, which increase in difficulty as you go along collecting dragon balls. If you enjoy playing games on the road, this game can be played in both landscape and portrait mode for your convenience.
  4. Real Racing 3 — One defining quality of good augmented reality games is that they are constantly seeking to improve, even though they may already have a good product. The Real Racing series of games has really made a lot of improvements with each edition of their racing games and the latest version is the best yet.
  5. Night Terrors — For those of you who love horror films, this is one of the best AR horror games we have seen in a while. Basically, with the help of AR, this game changes everything around you into a scene from a horror movie scene where monsters and creatures pop out of nowhere. Augmented reality games iPhone usually require at least iOS 10 later.
  6. Jurassic World Alive — As we mentioned earlier, AR gaming really took off with the launch of Pokémon Go, but there has not been any competition for Pokémon since it was introduced two years. Today we have Pokémon Go like games such as Jurassic World Alive. The idea is identical: you go around collecting as many dinosaurs as you can and, when you open the app, there’s a map where the dinosaurs are and locations of interest.
  1. Army of Robots — In this augmented reality shooter game you must conquer twelve levels of various degrees in difficulty and try to destroy as many enemy robots as possible. A word of advice, when the robots are firing at you, use your phone to elude attacks.
  2. Temple Treasure Hunt –If you love mysteries and myths you can play this game both inside and outside. You have two roles to choose from: treasure protector and treasure hunter. With the first role, you will have to create a trail that leads to the treasure and the other one has to find the treasure.
  3. Sharks in the Park — This game could be a lot of fun regardless of age. With just a few clicks, you can turn your yard or city park into a world of mythical animals and creatures with awesome landscapes. You can unleash your imagination to create unforgettable adventures and fairy tales.
  4. dArk:Subject One — This is a dark adventure game where the plot unfolds before your very eyes. With this game, you are stepping into a parallel universe where you are on a quest to find a person who has gone missing.

In this list, we included the very best that augmented reality app development has achieved so far in the gaming world. Choose a game that best suits your needs and good luck gaming!

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