The Technology Behind Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

The new Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game everyone is talking about nowadays. Gaming fans have been waiting for ages for a game like this to come along and finally, their dreams have come true. Even though you have probably heard a great deal about this game already, let’s take a closer look why this game is making so much noise.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Engine

The RAGE engine is a modern marvel. While we have seen some of its elements before, the way the technical skills are presented are out of this world. Even though everything is brought to us in native 4K, this only the beginning. First of all, the necessary temporal anti-aliasing is now implemented, which is absolutely necessary to reduce shimmering and provide a more filmic image. All these features give the game a blended cohesive feeling where everything meshes together be its dark forests, meadows and even facial features such as beards and mustaches.

An interesting aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 programming is per-object motion blur. Many experts do not consider this as a major innovation, however, it provides an advantage over all the other games in fluidity. While what we have discussed up until now looks at the game from an image quality perspective. The entire world where all the action happens is the crowning achievement.

While most people do not know all of the nuts and bolts that go on behind the scenes during the development process, there are so many hurdles and pitfalls that need to be overcome. For the user to enjoy the game, he/she needs to feel the full scale of the gaming world. This includes things like acres of land and paths that go off into the horizon. The same thing needs to be done with forests and cities. The user needs to actually feel how many people are in the city and how dense the forest is.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Specs

A lot of innovative software development going on here. The virtual world crafting is amazing. Landmarks are included for better navigation. If you would like to find the nearest town, there are always train tracks or the coastline to guide you. The vistas are very carefully designed and after a while, you get the hang of the navigation and no longer need the map. If you do need the map, all you have to do is press the corresponding button. This is a great feature because there is no need to pull up a menu to adjust the HUD options. While it is easy to dismiss this feature as a minor detail, it is just another piece of evidence that shows just how much effort went into designing this game. This is vital for immersion and traversal: a characteristic of a wonderful world is one that is open and can easily be figured out.

It is interesting to look at the way Rockstar achieves an unparalleled level of engagement and realism. While they use awesome vistas, they also accomplish this via near-field detail. This is their first deep dive into physically-based rendering, something that has gained popularity with millennial users. PBR attempts to portray how light interacts with surfaces, taking into account factors like how rough and reflective the surface is. Since the setting is the late 19th century, the shiny objects we have today are not that common, therefore the transition to PBR provides a touch of realism that really boosts the presentation.

This is really noticeable when walking into cities such as Saint-Denis which is a virtual equivalent of New Orleans. Business is booming in the port city which has natural resources to trade such as stone, lumber, and metals. The PBR materials along with universal illumination methods and fog density paint a cohesive portrait that is visually amazing. Even though the day scenes are beautiful, the night scenes are very impressive especially the indirect lighting and Rockstar achieves the effect of actual light bouncing from one scene to the next.

Most Realistic Game

This game takes realism to a whole new level. For example, let’s take a look at a detail that otherwise might have gotten overlooked: how light shines through the cloth of a tent. If we were to go inside the tent the shadows from the leaves would be on the tent. If we go outside we observe the opposite effect the camp lantern light shines through. Such as subtlety can be extended to a hat on the game character Arthur. The top of the hat casts a shadow that is visible through the illuminated brim.

Perhaps the main reason why users will love this game is they appreciate the work and time that went into developing it. Everything from the game engine to the world environment and life-like details is something that users appreciate and have been waiting for a long time. This is the biggest reason why it is so immersive and simply must be experienced because with previous games it was enough to simply go online and read the reviews or ask your friend whether you should buy it or not. With this game, nothing that you read or hear from others will be anywhere close to enough. When we talk about a game that comes along once every generation it is something that each and every person must experience for themselves.

This is a watershed moment for the industry as a whole and this game will go down in history as a game that really changes the expectations of what a virtual world should look like.

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A big team of skilled professionals, who help businesses to remain competitive. Services –AR/VR, web and mobile development.

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