3D Modeling for Fashion Industry: Use Cases and Benefits

A New Way of Designing Clothes

Designers are using 3D fashion models to create cutting-edge designs. To create a sample of clothes, the following components are required:

  • A 3D model is called an avatar. The designer can set all the parameters of the figure (height, waist, chest circumference). For example, when designing clothes for athletes, avatars with preset parameters that are typical for this sport are used.
  • Sewing patterns). Ready patterns can be imported into software systems or created from scratch directly in the program. In order to correctly decompose the components of the product, experience in the design and creation of real products is necessary.
  • Fabric parameters, accessories, prints.

Ensuring a Better Fit for the Customers

Another benefit of using a 3D fashion model is ensuring just the right for each of the customers when they try on the clothes. In the traditional approach, brand catalogs use photos of products on models. Technically, there is no way to take into account the features of the figure of each person, so we mainly see photos of models in size S or M. With 3D model clothing, it is possible to show clothes without a person, which allows the buyer to more accurately imagine himself in clothes. We are also on the verge of mass use of virtual fitting rooms. All this reduces the risks when buying clothes in an online store and then returning or throwing them in the trash.

Selling Clothes Before They are Actually Created

3D modeling clothes makes it easy to sell a design even before it is physically created. For example, in 2018, Scandinavian retailer Carlings released its first digital clothes collection, called Neo-Ex. It consisted of 19 sizeless pieces, each with a limited production run of up to 12. Designers at Carling’s combined photos provided by shoppers with digital fashion visualizations so that the people on the resulting pictures were “dressed” in the apparel. With the help of several Insta influences, the whole collection was sold out in a week!

Create Outfits Using a 3D Printer

Clothing 3D models allow shoppers to custom tailor their outfits. With 3D clothes modeling, styling apparel can become the task of the customer so that they can get personalized outfits. 3D fashion can be used for the creation of physical apparel and accessories on a 3D printer. While today the usage of 3D printing is pretty limited in terms of fashion, and printed outfits can be seen on runways but not in the stores, the future looks promising. The technology is rapidly evolving and used by many talented designers. Today, 3D printing is one of the most promising innovations used in modern design technologies and small-scale production. The problem of scientific and technological progress affects the design of clothes and the design of shoes and various accessories.

Attend Fashion Shows in VR and Fit 3D Clothes in any Environment

When talking about clothing 3D modeling software, we have to mention VR since it is becoming widely used in the fashion world. Such brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Rebecca Minkoff, Balenciaga, and others have already offered their clients the experience of attending fashion shows with the help of VR headsets. Once viewers put on the device, they found themselves in a place chosen by the designer to exhibit their works, while physically, they were still miles away from there.

Trust Skywell Software With All of Your 3D Modeling Needs

Whether you are looking to create cool new fashion modeling apps, create cutting-edge designs, actualize an ambitious idea, or make any other use of 3D modeling, consider hiring Skywell Software to do the development work for you. We have extensive experience using fashion 3D software and creating products for some of the world’s leading brands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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