3D in Real Estate — Pros, Cons, Examples, and Challenges

3D Virtual Tours Real Estate

Creating the Perfect Interior Design

All the advantages of 3d interior visualization can be recalculated for a very long time, but here are the main ones:

  1. Interior visualization is an exact copy of your premises. The entire room is created purely for the specified parameters, and therefore, you get an exact correspondence of the picture to the drawings. If you are a designer, 3D interior design will perfectly promote your product in the real estate market.
  2. It is possible to make adjustments at any stage of the design, but remember that many changes need to be discussed separately.
  3. Significant savings in time and money. It is easier to make additional edits and see the result on the monitor than to change the design after the completion of construction. In addition, interior visualization is used for the well-coordinated work of the construction team, so there is no need to explain your project’s vision many times because you can just show the picture.

Visualizing Future Real Estate

What are the Pros and Cons of 3D Modeling?

Therefore, let’s start with the benefits of 3D in real estate:

  • Visualization — One of the biggest pros of 3D models lies in their ability to show the intention of what the creator wanted to create. For example, 3D real estate photography can help you attract more qualified prospects by giving viewers a complete representation of your property.
  • More interactive experiences — With techniques like 3D scanning, real estate designers can create a virtual walkthrough of the property, generating higher engagement and interest. It is also possible to use 3D house pictures to showcase individual rooms or other features of the property as well.
  • Increase sales — If you are still relying on print materials to sell properties, you will get much better results with 3D imaging for real estate. When you create a real estate 3D model of a property, you are basically showing off every detail in all of its glory, thus reaching levels print materials cannot match.

Now, let’s take a look at the challenges of 3D image real estate:

  • High cost of development — Creating a 3D model of real estate will require significant financial to get all of the details exactly right. After, this may require things like 3d real estate cameras and other expensive equipment, not to mention development costs. The ultimate price will, of course, depend on the actual project.
  • Creating real estate 3D is challenging — Modelling solutions and visual technology are as much an art as a science. The degree of creativity required in order to capture a facility properly using 3d photography for real estate requires very specific knowledge and expertise.
  • The “why” can be challenging — Creating a 3D video for real estate or any other solution needs to be done with a purpose. Sometimes, something aesthetically appealing can be empty when you dig below the surface. Reality capture technology or modeling software needs to serve a specific utility, or else it becomes a glorified virtual tour.

Consider Using 3D Showcase Real Estate With Your Projects




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Skywell Software

A big team of skilled professionals, who help businesses to remain competitive. Services –AR/VR, web and mobile development. https://skywell.software

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